Author name: Syed Arham

Arham delved into photography since he got his first phone, a measly Samsung C7, back in 2010. With access to limited gear, he discovered innovative ways to capture some of his favorite shots. While Arham loves to travel, his dream shot, engulfing the northern lights in his camera frame, still remains one on his bucket list. However, until he gets the opportunity to travel to the Norwegian Arctic, Arham spends his time writing in-depth gear reviews for fellow photographers!

Best Macro Lens for Nikon D3500 (2023 Guide and Review)

The Nikon D3500 is one of the most preferred options for taking close-up shots due to its cutting-edge features, exceptional specs, and distinctive design. This lightweight camera is also reasonably priced, making it ideal for those looking to try their skills out in close-up photography. Moreover, pairing the DSLR with a dedicated macro lens will …

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Best Fisheye Lens For Sony A7III

Sony A7III is one of the best cameras for wide-angle photography on the market. Along with its incredible features, and extremely reasonable price, this DSLR ensures high-quality pictures with a reliable camera build. The Sony A7III has a 35mm, 24MP full-frame image sensor that helps produce crisp and clear photographs. Moreover, with its incredible autofocus system, the …

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