Best Wedding Lenses for Nikon D850 in 2023

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The Nikon D850 is often entitled as a must-have for most wedding photoshoots. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, the camera offers major advancements in its specifications, that too at a competitive price!

The Nikon D850 comes equipped with a full-frame image sensor that has a resolution count of 47.5 megapixels, producing crisp and clear images. The high shutter speed is also capable of capturing even the most minute details, bringing new life to your pictures.

While the D850 is undoubtedly a reliable choice for wedding photography, you won’t be able to experience its jaw-dropping imagery unless equipped with an equally classy lens.

Since the internet is filled with a plethora of lenses, we’ve compiled a list of the best wedding lenses under one roof. Keep on reading to find what lens can be the next addition to your camera gear!

What Are the Best Wedding Lenses for Nikon D850?

While there are plenty of options available in the market, only a few can actually do the job of providing you with a comfortable photography experience.

Considering different wedding ambiances and scenarios, we’ve compared many different lenses and finally compiled a list of the perfect wedding lens addition to your Nikon D850.

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR

First up on our list is the NIKKOR 24-70mm, the ultimate go-to lens for wedding photography. Paired with a high-resolution DSLR like the D850, this lens will aid you to capture crisp and clear images.

Not just that, the constant f/2.8 fast aperture settings makes you ace indoor as well as outdoor wedding shoots. Also, it is great for taking close-up portraits of the newlyweds since it holds the capability to enhance the aesthetics of an already enlivened environment.

Here’s a list of features that make this lens a worthwhile addition to your wedding photography gear:

Versatile Zoom Range

Many wedding photographers prefer the sweet 24-70mm optical zoom range that allows them to easily capture group portraits or closeups. The 70mm, coupled with the f/2.8 aperture, also performs exceptionally well in low-light conditions, producing smooth bokeh in the background.

Vibration Reduction

The VR in the lens’ name stands for vibration reduction, which is the latest advancement in Nikon’s image stabilization technology. It helps capture perfect “on-the-move “ images by reducing camera shake and vibrations up to 4.0 stops.

This makes it perfect for shooting moving elements, especially for people who’re enjoying their time on the dance floor.

Durable Design

The Nikkor 24-70mm is built with tough, topflight materials that can stay strong even in the harshest weather. In addition to that, a rear rubber gasket equipped on the lens helps to keep the moisture out of your camera, allowing you to manage shooting some rainy weddings as well.


  • Curved spherical lens to reduce aberrations
  • Silent wave motor enables high-speed autofocusing
  • In-built vibration reduction provides ultimate image stabilization


  • Premium price
  • Bulky body structure

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G

The Nikkor 50mm is a handy little lens you can dump into your backpack whenever heading out for a wedding shoot. Not only does the prime lens provide vibrant colors but also produces beautiful bokeh in its sharp portraits.

We have compiled some features for you to weigh the pros and cons of this lens.

Lightweight Body Structure

The 50mm lens is incredibly lightweight, and can easily be chucked into any backpack without taking up too much space. The lightweight lens also helps in taking steadier cinematic shots and high-definition videos of the wedding since you won’t be forced to handle bulky equipment.

Sharp Portraits

Featuring Nikon’s super-integrated coating, the Nikkor 50mm lens packs extra consistency and reduces the flare in your photographs. Meanwhile, the aspherical lens help lessen both spherical and chromatic aberrations even at the maximum aperture settings.

This means that your photos will be free of any purple or green hues and will produce some crystal-sharp closeups.

Exquisite Low-Light Performance

The Nikkor 50mm lens’s fast f/1.8G aperture captures objects with creamy smooth bokeh, even in low-light indoor settings. This allows you to capture the wedding without swapping out lenses every other minute.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Extremely sharp
  • Manual as well as Auto-focus mode with swift shifting
  • Silent wave motor enables high-speed autofocusing


  • Poorly rounded 7-blade aperture
  • Lack of edge sharpness at f/1.8

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR

The Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm provides optimal zoom range to focus and capture objects as close as 1.1 meters with extreme sharpness.

On the other hand, the maximum focal length of 200mm along with the reproduction ratio of 0.21x pair up to capture candid moments from a distance, without compromising image quality.

Here is a list of some factors which differentiate this telephoto lens from others in the market, making it a perfect wedding lens for you.

Excellent Lowlight Results

The constant aperture of f/2.8 makes it a fast as well as a great option for covering low-light indoor events and settings. The wide open aperture also allows ample light to pass through, and when teamed up with relatively high-ISO settings, the camera produces some well-lit grain-free shots.

Optimal Zoom Range

The 70-200mm provides wedding photographers with an optimal zoom range to shoot portraits as well as candid closeups of people enjoying themselves at the event.

The tripod collar ring on the lens also spins on ball bearings allowing you to make horizontal and vertical shots conveniently without having to move too much while capturing.

Vibration Reduction

The vibration reduction system on this zoom lens makes sure you don’t end up with soft and blurry images at the end of the day. You’re also able to crisply capture moving elements, like the couple’s dance or the beautiful walk up the aisle.  

If you’re looking for further stability, the lens also comes with a tripod mode that prevents ground vibrations and significantly reduces camera shake in video footage.

Ultra Fast Auto-focus

When shooting continuously, the D850’s technology allows it to sync the camera shutter with the lens, increasing the sharpness as well as the speed of the in-built autofocus.

The autofocus efficiently tracks moving subjects, better than most other lenses you’ll find in this price bracket. And with the extensive optical range, zooming in and out with fast autofocus can come in pretty handy.


  • Extra-low dispersion glass to reduce chromatic aberrations
  • Crisp shots at f/2.8 across the whole zoom range
  • Fluorite lens element used for weight reduction of lens


  • Premium price bracket
  • Minute linear barrel distortion

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G

This FX-format lens is made for high-definition portrait photography through your DSLR camera. The Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 G provides fast autofocusing and users to capture crisp and sharp portraits in a variety of settings.  

The aperture setup on this wedding lens is perfect for taking high-definition cinematic shots as well. This makes it a complete wedding package, helping you take beautiful portraits along with steady, high-quality videos.

Here’s a list of factors that we believe make this lens worth its bucks:

Economical Price

If you’re just starting out wedding photography, buying top-of-the-line gear isn’t always an option. However, the 85mm f/1.8G comes at a pretty lucrative price point, costing just over $400 for a brand-new lens.

The lower price point definitely makes it easier to step into wedding photography with reliable gear that’ll support you through thick and thin.

Excellent Lowlight Results

The medium telephoto lens has a wide, f/1.8 aperture that handles low-light situations with ease, producing high-quality grainless photos which can easily be post-processed to create aesthetic edits.

Optical Quality

Unlike most telephoto lenses in the market, especially in this price bracket, the 85mm maintains image clarity even while shooting on a maxed-out aperture.

When on max aperture, the 85mm has minimal corner fringing and fairly detailed images, producing super smooth and creamy bokeh for portraits.


  • Pocket-friendly price bracket
  • Optimal low-light performance
  • Super integrated coating for lens protection


  • No variable zoom range
  • No vibration reduction


The Nikon D850 is the perfect camera you can get for shooting a wedding. Efficient as it is, it can be more effective if combined with the right lens, making your shoots perfectly exquisite and your content top-flight.

We hope our guide helped you out in the endeavor to find the perfect camera-lens wedding combo!

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